Nursery Ministry

NurseryOne of our core values is that every soul is important to God. This absolutely includes the precious little babies of our church. In our nursery we call them leapers, creepers and sleepers!

We often think nursery age children can’t learn about Jesus. Even though in their soul (their intellect) you are probably right, they still have a spirit that can know God. In our nursery, moms and grandmas don’t just rock babies, they sing to the child and quote scriptures to build up the child’s spirit.

At Church For All Nations, we are a church that touches people from the womb to the tomb. We believe that from the day that umbilical cord is cut, the church community has a direct responsibility to these precious children. Through the decades, some of the children who have come through this nursery have become world class volunteers, leaders, pastors, doctors… and the list goes on. So the first point of connection at CFAN is our nursery.

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