At CFAN, discipleship is at the core of every ministry outreach.

In Matthew 28:19 Jesus commands us to go into all the world and to make disciples. This is the core mission of every believer in Jesus Christ. Every believer should be a disciple under the spiritual mentorship of a mature Christian as outlined in the Word of God. As we mature in Christ, we should also be serving to disciple others in a bible-based lifestyle. We hold one another accountable as fellow Christians. We live out our faith in Jesus together, with a repentant heart, and with a renewed mind in Christ. We remain committed to telling others about God’s redeeming salvation through faith in His Son, Jesus Christ.

At CFAN we offer a discipleship road map to assist you with your new or mature walk in Christ.  Our discipleship ministry comprises two programs: Starting Point™ and LifeWalk™. Completion of these programs are also required for anyone seeking ministry leadership at Church For All Nations.

Join a Discipleship Connect Group

For more information on how to join a discipleship small group, please attend our Discipleship Orientation Meeting held  at 9am on the second Sunday of each month. Email us at [email protected]

Starting Point™

Starting PointStarting Point is designed for people in one of three general categories: seekers, starters, and returners. Seekers are those who would not call themselves Christians, but are curious about God, Jesus, the Bible, or Christianity. Starters are new to a relationship with Jesus Christ and are looking to build a solid foundation for their faith. Returners are people that have some church experience, but have been away for a while. Most likely, there will be a broad variety of people in each group.

Sustained life change happens best within the context of community. Starting Point provides a taste of community, but it is only ten weeks. The best chance for continued growth after completing the Starting Point experience is for members to move into a long term small group and to begin the next discipleship opportunity, LifeWalk.



LifeWalk BookGrowing in Christ is not an event. It is a life long process. We are instructed by God’s Word to take a personal growth journey of daily steps on a path that is lit by His Word. With God’s Word guiding us, and with the support of other believers in your small group, we can successfully explore this LifeWalk™ together.

The first step is understanding the choices that you have and why you make the choices that you make. We will go step by step in helping you get there. Let’s take a LifeWalk™ together with some fellow sojourners and explore what God has to say about our choices.

As you take a LifeWalk™ through ten small group sessions you will:

  • Listen to an audio message each week to further your spiritual growth
  • Meet weekly with other LifeWalk™ small group members to discuss your journey
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the spiritual choices we must make in life

The life choices we are presented with each day carry consequences – some, eternal. We are to trust His Word to guide us in making the right choices. Your LifeWalk™ small group will create a unique opportunity to explore your personal destiny in God. Once we have placed our trust in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, He promises to help us to choose His very best for our life!