CFAN Membership

What does it mean to be a member of a local church? It means you have made a commitment (Romans 12:1). We are no longer conformed to this world’s directives, but instead we take our orders from Heaven itself. When we join the local church, we state publicly that we are taking up the banner of Jesus Christ as expressed through His local congregation.

5 Great Things to Do

  • Attend at least 1 of our Weekly Celebration Services
  • Attend Connect with Church For All Nations – a seminar to discover our mission, values, purpose and vision. Pastor Bill & Marj share their hearts for CFAN with you.
  • Join a small group, ministry group or Connect group
  • Volunteer to serve – become part of the CFAN team
  • Embrace the mission & core values of CFAN

Who is eligible for church membership?

Membership at CFAN is open to anyone who has confessed Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and completed the membership process. The three easy steps to membership are:

  • Attend Connect with Church For All Nations
  • Submit a Membership Application – available at the conclusion of the Connect with CFAN seminar.
  • Interview with Leadership – a brief 15 minute get-acquainted meeting scheduled with one of our Church Elder couples.

The church affords its members spiritual fellowship and support. God never intended that His people be hermits. The early church in Acts 2 continued in fellowship. Participation in the local church brings growth in our maturity as believers. We share our experiences of living the Christian faith, helping others to draw on our own struggles and to find victory over the world, the flesh, and the devil. We have opportunities to give-—to give of our time in developing our spiritual gifts; to give of our material goods as God takes our portion and multiplies it in gifts to many others; to give of ourselves which helps us look beyond our own mere concerns to the needs of others.

The church is not optional for the faithful Christian. He will seek it out, minister in it and through it, and bring others to fuller stature in Christ as a part of it. A local church is not always perfect, but it still raises a standard for God and carries a testimony for what is right and good. It still sends forth the true Gospel. It still encourages and builds godly living. It still is the fullest expression of His body in this present age. Making a commitment to the local church is more than adding a name to a roll book. It means taking the responsibilities along with the privileges, and saying “No” to the world’s standards and “Yes” to God’s. These are good reasons to join the local church.